The Basics

I consider myself an introvert; this allows me to be a great listener. I am a people person in my own, unique way and enjoy learning about and helping others

My education and experience reflects my interest in people and how they are motivated. I majored in history as an under-grad because history is about people, I became a travel agent because I got to help people go places they wanted or needed to go. All of these experiences are steps on my path, which led me to the realization that I wanted to put my listening skills, my curiosity, and my wisdom to significant use and really help people in deep and meaningful ways.

This realization propelled me into graduate school where I earned my Masters in Counseling and Psychology. I put my degree to work in community mental health and then opened my own private practice. We humans are always evolving and the next step in my evolution was training to be a Life Coach and pursuing board certification as a Coach.

Life Coaching allows me take a whole person approach and work from a place that acknowledges that while we have the answers within ourselves, sometimes we need some assistance in finding them.

I enjoy helping my clients work towards achieving their goals. I support my clients’ and help them be accountable in all areas of their lives. No matter what area of your life you want to change, relationships, communication, recovery, confidence, identity building, or health, I can provide a place to work on those areas and practical skills to get you on your way.

In my role as a Life Coach, I provide a safe, compassionate environment where people have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and work towards personal goals. I believe you are your own expert and I facilitate that while emphasizing your uniqueness. We both have an active role and work as equals in a co-creative manner to develop what you want to work on in a way that takes into consideration your individual experiences. I use my coach training, counseling background and communication skills to support you.
Through this collaboration you become more powerful and are able to make meaningful changes and take action towards your goals.

It is absolutely my privilege and joy to work with people and help find their own way to what matters most to them.


I received my Coach Training from the Institute for Life Coach Training. I am always in a continuing education mode, reading, taking courses and keeping my Coaching skills honed.

I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, from Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, Portland, Oregon, 2007

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor level I, from 2007 to 2014. I still pursue continuing education regarding Drug and Alcohol treatment and maintain a high standard of Recovery knowledge and current practices.

The Squishy Center

I grew up in rural Colorado with dogs, goats, a Mom, Sister and a Dad. While there were good things about my childhood there were some pretty dark times and by my teen years things got downright bumpy; luckily I survived…and am stronger and more resilient for it.

Due to the aforementioned bumpiness, I had a difficult time committing to college and it took a few times (and a few schools) until I fully committed to graduating. That is where Oregon comes into play; I made my first trip to Oregon and Portland at the age of 17 looking for a college I could commit to. I fell in love with Oregon; in fact I think we were separated at birth. However I still wasn’t in love with the idea of college so it took me one more road trip to Oregon, a few more years and several manual labor jobs until I relocated to Portland and committed to college in 1994. The college I committed to was Lewis and Clark College, and boy did I commit, I got my BA there, and later went back for my Masters.

In my 19 years in Portland, I have managed to live 16 of those years in the same neighborhood, go SE PDX! I have held many different jobs, a few careers, have experienced many more bumps on the road of life and ultimately feel very blessed to be able to do work which I enjoy everyday in a city that I still adore!

I share my life with amazing friends and family, 3 rescue kitties and a rescue reptile too.