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Okay so it seems like I start these posts with a joke about how long it has been since I last posted, cringe, it is pretty obvious I have seriously neglected my blog. Time to move onwards and upwards.Cringy face

This is an update to my last post, I did get ‘Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs’ from the library and read it last fall. I have to say I really liked the compassionate viewpoint the author has regarding addiction, and how he challenges long held beliefs around addiction.

I have now recommended this book to clients in recovery coaching and to coaching clients who may be dealing with a friend or family member that struggles with addiction. It is certainly worth a read. I hope many people do read the book and that it helps bring about a much needed change in perception and treatment of people that struggle with addiction.

A Rat’s Patoot

Just Sharing

I am a cat person, I am also a dog person, an animal person and a people person… However it is the first of those statements that often brings the most stereotypes or preconceived notions to mind…. So I am not going to give a “rat’s patoot,” and proceed with what is likely to be the first of many posts that are cat-centric… So cue the eye roll because here we go!
Non Sequitur Sept 23Recently I have noticed the wisdom inherent in cats, I am not the only one as the above comic so aptly demonstrates. Read More >

You Are Rare!

Just Sharing

Okay so I am likely going to post links to things that strike me as interesting, wise, deep, humorous, silly and maybe all of the above combined. So check out this video.

I really do love this short little video because it can serve to remind all of us that we do bring something unique and individual to the world, that we are each bring rare gifts and qualities which ultimately enrich our lives and the lives of others’ with diversity and variety.