Walking the walk

Taking My Own Advice

Some of you may know that I am a huge, huge, fan of Brené Brown and have been very inspired by her work and her books. Recently I had an opportunity to take an eCourse offered by Brené and Oprah, I jumped at the chance. Not only did I feel this course would be an opportunity to improve my own life, I felt it would hone my life coaching skills too, double win!  Being willing to do the difficult tasks many of my clients choose to undergo on their paths to cultivating the life they want, makes me better at understanding and offering the right support.bb-download-2

In the spirit of support I am excited to share a part of this eCourse around authenticity or being authentic to oneself.  In my experience as a person and a life coach I have observed that much of what gets in the way of living the life we want to live, has to do with the idea of authenticity. So much of the time we act on our “shoulds” or what we think we are supposed to look like or act like. We live in a culture where we are taught to “fit in.” So we forget who we really are and stop acting in accordance with our “authentic” selves; this causes a lot of misery and is a huge obstacle in achieving our life goals. Read More >

A Rat’s Patoot

Just Sharing

I am a cat person, I am also a dog person, an animal person and a people person… However it is the first of those statements that often brings the most stereotypes or preconceived notions to mind…. So I am not going to give a “rat’s patoot,” and proceed with what is likely to be the first of many posts that are cat-centric… So cue the eye roll because here we go!
Non Sequitur Sept 23Recently I have noticed the wisdom inherent in cats, I am not the only one as the above comic so aptly demonstrates. Read More >

Change Happens

Identifying Obstacles

In my work I sometimes think “change” is a four-letter word, because so often clients wince when I say that word. Change HappensI am in the business of change and that is the primary reason people come to see me, so why do people cringe at the word “change?” Ultimately because change or changing can feel like a loss of control, and frankly we don’t like to admit the following; we want control of our lives and seek control in a multitude of ways. We create illusions and expectations of how things “should be” and like to think we have much more say in matters than we really do. So when things change it is a big reminder that we don’t have that much control.

Not to sound all doom and gloom, there is the good part, we may not have control over change, however we have control over how we experience change. Hallelujah! This means we can work on how we view change how we handle change. Read More >

You Are Rare!

Just Sharing

Okay so I am likely going to post links to things that strike me as interesting, wise, deep, humorous, silly and maybe all of the above combined. So check out this video.

I really do love this short little video because it can serve to remind all of us that we do bring something unique and individual to the world, that we are each bring rare gifts and qualities which ultimately enrich our lives and the lives of others’ with diversity and variety.

Inspiration is spelled S-T-Y-L-E.

What Inspires Me

Okay so I have been a huge fan of Stacy London from “What Not To Wear” which I have been watching for all 10 seasons and to my horror is ending this year. I will no doubt wear my most stylish mourning clothes as I grieve this loss.

Stacy London: The Truth About StyleOkay so what the heck does this have to do with life coaching you ask? Well the NY Times review of Stacy London’s new book “The Truth about Style.” Refers to Ms. London as “part life coach, part fairy godmother” this to me, could not ring more true. In watching the show over the years I have really been inspired by her style as a person and how she seems to see the best features of people inside and out. I have been influenced by her on that level and on a personal level; to accept myself as I am, to discover my own style and to dress the body I have. My own personal evolution has been such that I could produce pictures of myself that are worthy of a “What Not To Wear” before and after. I would like to think I have nailed the after part [grin]. Read More >

Befriending Your Inner Drill Sergeant

Identifying Obstacles

I come across what I call the inner “Drill Sergeant” a lot in my work with people. Often when this idea or concept comes up people readily identify with the inner “Drill sergeant, although they haven’t named it yet. Your Inner Drill SergeantIf you aren’t familiar with the inner “Drill Sergeant” well it goes by other names too: gremlin, inner critic, saboteur, negative self talk. Most often this inner “Drill sergeant” is a negative inner voice that prevents us from being as successful and satisfied as we want to be in life. This voice is sometimes the voice of fear, doubt, procrastination, a symbol of eroded self-esteem, what ever it is or stems from it represents some form of negative self-talk. Read More >


Taking My Own Advice

per•mis•sion n. : the right or ability to do something that is given by someone who has the power to decide if it will be allowed or permitted.

Permission GrantedI have been thinking a lot about permission lately. Mainly how often we deny ourselves permission. Permission to do things that make us happy, permission to not do things, permission to make mistakes, permission to not be perfect and let go. A big way we deny ourselves permission is that dreaded word “should.” So often we are plagued with thoughts of “I should do this, think this, act this way etcetera.” That we never allow ourselves to ask, “What DO I want?” Much less even giving ourselves permission to really follow through with what we actually want. Read More >