Are You Ready for Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process for a lot of people; however it isn’t for everyone. Is coaching your cup of tea? This quick quiz is meant to give you an idea as to whether or not coaching is for you.

1. Which would you pick?
A. A benevolent benefactor who gives you one million dollars each year for the rest of your life.
B. A good, decent job that pays you well.
C. Clear understanding of your goals and aspirations and the motivation to achieve them and thus creating a life worth living?
2. When it comes to answering profound questions about yourself how do you feel?
A. I’d rather have my toenails pulled out.
B. It is not my favourite thing to answer questions about myself, however if it will help me get ahead and achieve my goals, I will do it.
C. I love deep soul-searching questions, bring it on!
3. What kind of support do you need to reach your goals?
A. Just the facts.
B. Someone to hold me accountable to my existing goals.
C. More knowledge as to what my goals and dreams are and/or what it is that holds me back from taking the steps to achieve my goals.
4. How soon would you like to accomplish your goals?
A. Yesterday.
B. Soon, three to six months.
C. I think it will be a continuing process; and I would like to start making significant growth in my life beginning now.
5.Why did you take this quiz?
A. I am killing time.
B. I wanted to know more about what coaching is.
C. I want to create a life worth living and know I have the resources within myself; however I feel stuck and I wonder if coaching might help me to make progress.

You have finished the quiz! Is coaching right for you? Tally up your “A”s, “B”s and “C”s that you chose.

If you picked mostly “A”s: Coaching probably isn’t right for you at this point. However if you are unhappy with some area of your life, consider looking to yourself for answers rather than directing your search for answers outside yourself.

If you chose mostly “B”s: You would most likely benefit from coaching. Many if not most coaches offer complimentary sessions. Book yourself a free session and see for yourself what coaching is like and if it would be beneficial for you.

If you chose mostly “C”s: You were made for coaching! You will likely enjoy coaching as much as eating a snow cone on a hot summer day.

If you would llke to give coaching a try; think about what area(s) of your life need improvement. Then look for a coach who specializes in that area or appeals to you for some reason. Finding a coach that feels like a right fit for you, is as important as making sure they have legitimate training and coaching knowledge.