Coaching Areas

Life transitions

Each of us goes through multiple life transitions such as changing jobs, beginning or ending relationships, having children, school, marriage. Many times we find ourselves at major or minor crossroads in life and aren’t sure of what step to take or how to keep our momentum going. Coaching can help you negotiate through any life transition.

Overcoming adversity and coping with loss

Adversity and loss are part of life, and are often a longer process than we want them to be or society wants them to be. We live in a world where the mentality is “suck it up and move on.” Coaching can provide the space and permission for grieving without judgment and can provide guidance through the grieving process.

Communications skills and healthy relationships

Relationships are hard work, they require the kind of care and maintenance a garden does. As a coach I can help you stay on track with that care and maintenance and help you build your skills to better communicate in relationships, which can help those relationships flourish.

Life balance and contentment

Life balance has become a big subject in our modern world. No wonder, we are all trying to pack so much stuff into our lives and often we never stop to wonder if all the stuff we are trying to pack in is stuff we actually want. Life coaching can help you sort through the activities of your life and figure out what really is important to you. Life coaching can also help you uncover your inner skills that will help you achieve the balance and contentment you desire.

Changing counterproductive core beliefs

We all have stories or “narratives” we tell ourselves, or that got told to us and we adopted. I assist people in examining these stories/narratives and figure out which ones hold you back and which ones help you and which ones you may have outgrown. This helps you move forward with habits, beliefs and thoughts that help you and empower you in achieving your goals.

Recovery coaching

Recovery coaching is for anyone who wants extra support around maintaining their sobriety in whatever realm they choose. Sometimes an added layer of accountability can really help in this area. Recovery coaching is also for folks who sometimes find that they “numb out” whether that be through pastries or video games. Recovery coaching can help you get a handle on the ways you numb out in life. Recovery coaching is also for folks who have been affected by someone else’s addiction, often another person’s addiction has a broad affect and even though you may not have an addiction your life has suffered and you need to figure out your place and your path again.

Building self worth and confidence

Our progress in life is based on knowing our true value and self worth. This helps us create and maintain confidence, which is a main factor in moving forward in life. Many people have lost sight of or never have known their true value so they believe in a negative self-image. My job is to help you see your true value and get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from seeing your true value and create lasting confidence.

Finding and creating your identity

A lot of people “find” themselves later than they think they “should.” There is not time line for this, it is a process and many people didn’t know they were allowed to figure out who they are. Lots of people followed a family script or got lost in a relationship or job so they are unsure about who they are or where they fit in. I help people discover or perhaps rediscover themselves and the life and identity that they desire.